Top 10: Most listened to songs so far

Music is for me a personal way of expressing myself. my moods come and go in waves and so does the music that pays in the background while I sit and let life change me day after day. The following is the current list of the top songs played according to my ITunes. All songs on this list mean something to me and maybe for a short time they really got their hooks into my soul and I played over and over. Others have just around not only for the short time but also In the long run, played maybe once in a while but over time those plays add up. I know that this list will change week to week with the many changes of my mood. maybe someone will see a song that I have not thought of in a long time or maybe someone will see a song that they hate and think, Geez this man sucks. Whatever the reaction, this is the list.


10. One night A Day- Garth Brooks

9. Breathe- Faith Hill

8. I Could Not Ask For More- Edwin McCain

7. All This Love- DeBarge

6. Come Back Song- Darius Rucker

5. Safe And Sound- Capital Cities

4. Heaven- Bryan Adams

3. Back At One- Brain McKnight

2. Piano Man- Billy Joel

1.When You Say Nothing At All- Alison Krauss & Union Station




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