Wall E- Soundtracks I love

I love the music to movies, when its done right it repaints a movie without the movie. It cracks open my mind and finds a way to plant all the wonder of the movie deep in me. I loved the Pixar movie Wall-E so much for it was not and what it was. So much of that feeling gets carried forward into the music. It is more than just a bunch of strings in the background while the hero saves the day. It speaks words in a place where we had no words to see on the screen. As a result the different pieces of music act as words that speak of the actions of a little hero. So well are these words spoken that when you get real words thrown in, they flow like it’s just part of the ongoing music instead of something much older. Of course it is hard to talk about this soundtrack without talking about the star of the show, Peter Gabriel. His amazing song “Down To Earth” which sounds like something from his Us album.

Standout tracks:

  1. Down to Earth -Peter Gabriel
  2. Put On Your Sunday clothes -Micheal Crawford
  3. La Vie en Rose -Louis Armstrong
  4. Horizon 12.2- Thomas Newman

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